Modern Herb Co | Delta-9 Live Resin Caramels – Variety

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These Modern Herb Co caramels melt in your mouth. They’re a little dangerous because they are just oh-so-good. Not to mention, this 40.5mg delta-9 THC is fantastic for microdosing or the perfect buzz.

A live Resin blend of Oregon Sweetgum live resin, from East Fork Cultivars, is their “Hybrid” effect. They use authentic strain-specific Live Resin in their products, not just live terpenes. Live Resin cultivars are selected for the most aromatic profiles that aren’t dominant in cannabinoids or terpenes that may be energetic or sedating. Focusing instead on a more balanced experience aimed at enabling a Better Day.

A live Resin blend of Pineapple Kush live resin, from East Fork Cultivars. The craft flower cultivar contains the ideal cannabinoids and terpenes to target an Indica-like effect. Live Resin cultivars were selected for their predominantly relaxing terpene and cannabinoid profiles to help guide the desired Indica experience of the Couch Lock effect.

Hemp Source | Oregon
Extraction | Ethanol
Extract | Full Spectrum Concentrate

Per Caramel | 40mg Delta-9 THC


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