GRAV | Mini Round Base Water Pipe


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This is an excellent piece for those looking for a more convenient and easy-to-store water pipe. Featuring a 10mm 45-degree bowl and a fission down stem. The Mini Round Base offers great diffusion and filtration for an incredibly smooth smoking experience. The 10mm bowl is perfect for solo sessions, and small quantities to ensure you don’t waste anything. It is also interchangeable with any bowl or banger that uses a 10mm male plug, allowing you to find the best bowl for your needs.

Carb | F
Comes with | 10mm Cup Bowl
Filtration type | Fission Downstem
Joint | 10mm
Length height | 6″
Use with | Flower and Concentrates (Concentrates require a 10mm banger, which is not included)


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Weight 11.7 oz