GRAV® | Hammer Bubbler – Variety


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The Grav® Hammer Bubbler lives up to the namesake of the tool it was named after, and not only because of its shape. Simple, hard hitting, and effective at getting a job done right; The Grav® Hammer is an excellent choice for both new and experienced consumers in the world of flower, and you’ll always want to have one in your toolbox. Its Grav® Fission percolator allows for smooth, cool, long draws, and its large 38mm bowl not only allows plenty of room for a nice long session, but it also makes it extremely easy to clean thanks to its all in one design with nothing to take apart, and nothing to lose.

Carb | On the left
Filtration Type | Water Percolation
Height | 5.5”
Length | 6.5”
Used with | Flower


Weight N/A

Clear, White