Caprock Family Farms | Delta-8 THC Blunt 1g


Caprock’s Delta-8 THC Blunt is a great choice for those who are looking for a tobacco-free option. These pre-rolled blunts are packed with 1 gram of their top-shelf, indoor-grown, hand-trimmed, and specially cured AAA-grade flower. Caprock’s completely natural process leads to an earthy, unique flavor profile.

Hemp Source | Lubbock, Texas
Flower | Full Spectrum
Concentrate Type | Isolate

Blunt | Delta-8 THC 1g



Hawaiian Haze
Sativa strain
Aroma | Cinnamon, lavender & citrus
Taste | Smooth and sweet citrusy floral flavors
Experience | Happy, uplifted, conversational
A balanced state of mind

Special Sauce
Indica Dominant Hybrid
Aroma | Cinnamon, lavender & pine
Taste | Smooth and sweet earthy flavors
Experience | Relaxed, happy, uplifted
Improved quality of sleep and mental balance

Weight N/A

Hawaiian Haze, Special Sauce

Lab Tests

Hawaiian Haze COA
Special Sauce Preroll COA