Black Sheep | Live Resin Quad Blend Gummies

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Introducing Strawberry Mojito Gummies: a harmonious fusion of exquisite flavors and powerful cannabinoids, expertly formulated for the refined palate. Delicately crafted, these gummies boast a meticulously balanced blend of four cannabinoids—Delta 8, Delta 9, HHC, and the elusive THCp—culminating in a sophisticated and all-encompassing cannabis journey.

These strawberry Mojito Gummies harness the power of cannabinoid synergy, creating an entourage effect that enhances relaxation, euphoria, and overall well-being. Each bite offers the exquisite taste of ripe strawberries melded with the invigorating zest of a classic mojito, all while riding the wave of this extraordinary blend.

Hemp Source | Oregon & Texas
Extraction | Ethanol
Extracts | Full Spectrum Live Resin + D8, D9, HHC, THCp

Flavor | Strawberry Mojito
Quantity | 30 count

Per Gummie MG | 12mg Delta 9, 25mg Delta 8, 1mg THCp, 10mg HHC

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cane sugar, tapioca syrup, water, pectin, live resin (full spectrum hemp extract), delta-8 THC (hemp derived), delta-9 THC (hemp derived), HHC (hemp derived), thcp (hemp derived), real fruit juice, natural flavoring food coloring, citric acid

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