Anxiety Much?

With increased stresses, decreased cash flow, and the inability to leave our homes to get help, anxiety is prevalent even if you have never had symptoms before. Each one of us is different but we are all dealing with this together — that bonds us to each other. It gives us a clear understanding that we need to help each other.

This is a fact: CBD oil can help with anxiety.

It is not a “cure all” and we do not recommend you replace any prescription medications if you’re under a physician’s care. What we do know is that CBD affects the body in numerous ways. Studies suggest that cannabidiol’s influence on neurotransmitter systems, neural regeneration and a phenomenon called “extinction learning” are all keys to its efficacy.

“We created Trulevia to be a resource for people, especially women, for health and wellness options,” said Haley Hunt, owner, and registered nurse. “We understand that there is so much information and misinformation on CBD products out there, that weeding your way to find what’s truth is overwhelming.”

Ask us your questions! We are here to help and want to be your information resource. We can share our expertise as well as our own personal stories and client success stories with you to help you get the relief you need.

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